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I Am Here Now

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The convergence of these beasts will have a special message for you.

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About i-am

I'm Claudia Flores. I would say I am an artist, not because of any particular talent but because among all professions artists seem to me very free, deeply interested and connected to their human as well as aware of a greater reality, very passionate, very playful, interesting and fun to be around, and I like all of those things, I am a mother and I like that sense of unconditional soul gaze eye to eye that I got to experience through my children and now elevating the frequency of connection, with myself and all around me.... Read more


I am

About i-am

I would say I am an artist, not because of any particular talent but because among all professions, artists seem to be the freest. I am deeply interested in and actively involved with all sorts of activist endeavors. As a mother, I am lucky to have a point of reference of unconditional love: that soul gaze, eye to eye, that we can give to each other and make all wounds heal, at least a little.

I love sharing and I love silence. I do not know which one I love more, but this project has different characters that come into existence through my internal path of integrating back to wholeness and completeness. All of the elements and characters are a metaphor for the discovery of our myriad aspects converging with the dynamic process of being present here and now.

The simplicity and complexity of BEING PRESENT HERE AND NOW, fully available and alive, has brought forward a number of tools worth exploring and considering. Whatever the story, there are many moving pieces in anyone’s life. Whatever the age, the gender, or the belief system, we humans, are limitless, and thus equanimity, balance, harmony, and all of those states of being become our greatest challenge and responsibility to ourselves and to our collectives.

• Human Sustainability

My life’s philosophy is a narrative of Responsibility, Awareness, and Willingness towards functional collectives. That is what propels my mission: to create a platform for a human-centered global-education approach that uses creativity and activism as a live model of effective and sustainable transformation.

I am

I am

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